An in-depth interview with a Google engineer about how he got the job
The 4th part in a 4 part series on how to approach every programming interview, regardless of the topic.
Most practice systems design questions do not reflect those you’ll get during an interview
Breaking down the five stages (Zero, Research, Repetition, Refinement & Master) and how to move through each one efficiently.
Intro Hackpack founder Daniel Habib interviews Hackpack alumni Leo, who has just secured a position with Microsoft. They discuss Leo’s path to becoming…
Advice from someone who's been there
Tldr: Stay focused, attack ambiguity, and most importantly be kind to yourself. Studying for programming interviews is both painful and isolating. When…
tldr: trust yourself, you’ve earned it. Lean into the community at your company, people have felt this before. Understand that people make mistakes. How…
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